Say Goodbye to heavy lifting

This Mover Tool kit is essential to have for every household. It's good for rearranging heavy household machinery as well as furniture, it's also a must have for Event Planners and Interior Decorators


Essential to have for every household and some businesses

Rearranging furniture and moving heavy objects by yourself can be very frustrating and such and inconvenience. Fortunately with our new furniture mover kit rearranging can be simple and easy. If you are elderly, young and live alone and love to decorate or redecorate your place or events, than look no further because this is the product that answers your problems

  • Instructions

  • Heavy Household Machinery

    It moves furniture and heavy objects like this on carpet as well

  • With this you're able to move objects in any direction

  • Shipping & Return Policy

    Product shipping: Orders may take up to 3-5 days do to inspection of quality because we are attentive to detail. Return Policy: Packages must be returned in the order and fashion in which they were received, within a 4 day time period of receiving product.